REVIEW: Looking At Stuff in Clouds (Playfight Productions)

September 10, 2013
One way of passing time [by Matt Baker] Less a play and more a series of vignettes, the fourth production by Playfight, written and performed by co-founders Shoshana McCallum and Donna Brookbanks, is a self-proclaimed thought provoking commentary on the human condition in the naughties. Said commentary is broken, however, between the nine aforementioned vignettes, and consequently offers little insight […]

REVIEW: Lord of the Flies (Auckland Theatre Company)

September 8, 2013
Boys own Apocalypse [by James Wenley] Auckland Theatre Company’s stage production makes a nod to the usual medium the Lord of the Flies story is inherited: the secondary school classroom. A bookend, invented by Director Colin McColl and his cast, sets the leads as contemporary high-school students encountering William Golding’s 1954 novel. Project artwork of various pig heads, beasts and […]

REVIEW: Yeti Trilogy (Moving Theatre Company)

September 4, 2013
Far from abominable [by Matt Baker] Love, lust, manipulation, jealously, and revenge are the key ingredients of any great melodrama, and no Auckland based theatrical melodrama has proved so great as The Moving Theatre Company’s Yeti Trilogy. Encompassing original productions Dan Is Dead: I Am Yeti and Yeti Is Dead: I Am Tom, the Yeti Trilogy incorporates a third act, Yeti In The Himalayas, to create a […]

Reflections: Christchurch Arts Festival

September 3, 2013
Shaken, not stirred [by Sharu Delilkan] We were privileged to be invited by Tiffany Harkess General Manager of the Christchurch Arts Festival to review and absorb the festival last weekend. Ten years after being in the city itself for me was a shock, with multiple aftershocks as one of our friends Rebecca gave us a guided walking tour of where […]

REVIEW: Hotel (The Christchurch Arts Festival)

September 3, 2013
Hotel Secrets [by Sharu Delilkan] The all-too-familiar experience began as we entered The Rendezvous Hotel to see the Christchurch Arts Festival show Hotel. We walked into the reception and spoke to the concierge who said that we would be called when the show was about to begin. What I’m referring to is all the unknowns we are confronted with when […]

REVIEW:The Great Art War (The Court Theatre)

September 3, 2013
Art is Life [by Sharu Delilkan] As well as the content of The Great Art War, it was the location for the production that was equally alluring. I had heard about this exceptional space – The Court Theatre – conceived, constructed and opened only weeks after the quake, so I was adamant that I was going to experience it when […]

REVIEW: The Animals and Children Took to the Streets (Christchurch Arts Festival)

September 3, 2013
Magical mayhem [by Sharu Delilkan] Stuffed into the Rudolf Steiner School building foyer, the children’s artwork and pictures on the walls mirrored what we had seen on the fences around the barren lots of Christchurch buildings that no longer were. And we were greeted by the most enthusiastic festival volunteer ever – she had seen the show and seemed fit […]

This Week in the Theatre Scene: Return of the Yeti (2-8 September)

September 1, 2013
[by James Wenley] In my review last year of Yeti is Dead / I am Tom, I wrote: “The show keeps open the possibility of a third show too, which I for one am pleased about – I can’t get enough of Yeti!”. It seems my dreams have come true. PICK: The Yeti Trilogy Trilogy? Writer-performers Natalie Medlock, Dan Musgrove […]
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