Auckland Venue Update: ATC on the Waterfront!

Auckland Theatre Company Yellow
Will ATC go yellow?

ASB: Creating Theatres…

After looking at Auckland Theatre’s venue issues in my last blog post, the NZ Herald has an article today giving more details about Auckland Theatre Company’s dream new theatre project:

“Auckland Theatre Company is seeking a $10 million ratepayers’ contribution towards the proposed building beside the new ASB head office, which is under construction in the Wynyard Quarter….  It could have three performance spaces. A 600-seat drama theatre could be arranged to open out to a courtyard for shows. A further space was offered by the ASB incorporating the theatre in its site with a 200-seat studio it was building and paying for. The bank was also offering its foyer as the theatre’s ground floor entrance.” (Theatre Group Seeks $10 million for waterfront event space, Wayne Thompson, NZ Herald)

Auckland Theatre Company Yellow
Will ATC go yellow?

I note with approval ATC’s keeness to share access to the proposed theatre with other performing arts companies and to have it “available for community celebrations, outdoor performances and education.”

ASB Bank is chipping in $6million, they want the council to put in $10mill, then have to raise a further $25million. They expect 120,000 visitors a year.

As for the council, they are waiting on a study on the needs and priorities for Auckland’s performing arts venues, due in April. I am glad to see that the likes of the St James, and the Mercury Theatre are included.

ATC and ASB partnering up does raise some some obvious questions… Will Auckland Theatre Company have to go yellow? Will you be able to open a savings account at the box office? Will the new venue include such obvious signage as “Hello. I am a theatre”? Time will tell!

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