REVIEW: Precious Little (The Basement)

June 1, 2018
[Koko’s Legacy] Precious Little is a play about language. Written by American playwright Madeleine George and directed by Patricia Wichman for Navi Collaborative, it explores questions surrounding the ways language connects us, but also what other types of communication become necessary when words aren’t enough. When talented linguist Brodie (Jessi Williams) discovers her sperm donor pregnancy may be affected by […]

REVIEW: Tampocalypse (Te Pou)

May 29, 2018
[Tampocalypse now needs a Redux] “At the end of the world, not everything stops.” So claims Embers Collective, a daring new production company set up by Unitec grads, Ashleigh Hook and Rebekah Dack, the dynamic director-producer duo behind Tampocalypse, which concluded Te Pou Theatre’s Rangatahi development season 2018. The show’s tagline couldn’t be more fitting. Tampocalypse gives us a world […]
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