REVIEW: Year of the Tiger 虎- Hǔ (Basement Theatre)

March 13, 2020
[The Tiniest Threads Can Connect Us] Year of the Tiger (虎- Hǔ) brings together six volunteer strangers and pushes them into the spotlight. These strangers are connected by a single thread: their zodiac animal. Coming from different backgrounds, cultures, countries, these people are bound by the simple fact that they are all tigers. Alice Canton explores the cultural ideas of […]

REVIEW: Emilia (Pop-up Globe)

March 8, 2020
[“Do not take my anger from me!”] Emilia tells the story of Emilia Bassano, one of the first Englishwomen poets and the possible muse behind Shakespeare’s sonnets. However, this is not just a play about Shakespeare’s Emilia. This is a play about Emilia the discriminated poet, Emilia the feminist spirit; Emilia as Emilia.  As soon as the performance begins, I […]

REVIEW: Lunar State (Auckland Fringe)

February 29, 2020
[The Absurd Coexistance of Extravagence and Necessity] Lunar State brings Calvino’s moon-milk concept to life through a series of abstract ensemble vignettes. The narrative follows a young girl who collects precious milk from the moon and distributes it among her people. However, this symbiotic relationship between moon and person is disrupted when the rest of the world discovers the moon-milk.  […]