REVIEW: The Loose Dick Kiddies’ Show (Auckland Pride Festival)

February 14, 2016
[Breast in Show] A Show and Tell from hell, a Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood if the neighbourhood was a porn set and Mr. Rogers was played by the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. A Barney & Friends if Barney had no friends… In reviewing this show I feel like a carnival barker promoting the geek in the freak show. […]

REVIEW: The Book of Everything (Silo)

February 13, 2016
[Everyone has their Reasons] After a successful run last year, and with some changes in cast (hello Stephen Lovatt, Amanda Billing, Amanda Tito and Dan Musgrove), The¬†Book of Everything makes a welcome return to the Auckland stage. Thomas (Patrick Carroll) is a young boy growing up in post-war Holland. Struggling under the thumb of his abusive, ultra-religious father Abel (Stephen […]
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