REVIEW: Nothing (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2020
Sound and Fury These pieces are not set. The words should not change but the pieces can be performed in any order, by any number of people, in any space, at any time. They can be cut and pasted in any way you would like.  Have fun.  These are the ‘Rules’ used in the original production By Barrel Organ Theatre. […]

REVIEW: Carcinus Rex (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2020
[Crab Pincers and Prophecies] Most of us have heard of the deeply unlucky Oedipus, whether we are familiar with Sophoclean tragedy or Freud’s infamous Oedipus complex. Devised by Stray Theatre Company, Carcinus Rex offers a loose, highly comic interpretation of the story: What destiny awaits Carcinus, best crab in Thebes?  A group of squabbling gulls narrate the opening sequence, introducing […]

REVIEW: Ghost Trees (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2020
[A Sombre Analysis of A Declining World] Gary Stalker’s original play Ghost Trees traces the story of the protagonist’s loss of a partner to cancer and the pursuit of meaning in a rapidly-deteriorating world.  It speaks to the bewildering silence of humanity in response to species extinction exacerbated by climate change, and the augmented feeling of isolation that hounds us as […]

REVIEW: This Fragile Planet (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2020
[We Are our Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams] Billed as a dance theatre work of ‘artivism’, This Fragile Planet is a beautiful dance theatre work that combines storytelling, dance and poetry to explore the complex relationship between humanity and our natural environment. A collaboration between The New Zealand Dance Company (Artistic Director Shona McCullagh), The Conch (Directors Nina Nawalowalo and Tom McCrory), […]

REVIEW: Squirt (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2020
[Poetic Liberation] A shadow dashing between curtains is the only signal that Squirt is nearly ready to start on a late evening at Q Loft. That and the tables with sex toys set up onstage. To be precise, one table with sex toys and the other with books and menstrual cups from Wā Collective – I’ll leave it to the reader […]

REVIEW: No Holds Bard (Auckland Fringe)

February 27, 2020
[Too Many Harks, Not Enough Bite] Part of any creative endeavour is reception – whether that is an audience of strangers or your cousin Larry. Even the most shy and self-effacing creative will inevitably have to put their labour love in front of another human being to gauge their reaction.  One of the worst aspects of doing any kind of […]

REVIEW: I Know What I’m Doing (Auckland Fringe)

February 27, 2020
[Relinquishing Control] Can we ever really feel like we know what we’re doing? Is what I do with my time worth something? I Know What I’m Doing is an experimental, tender and funny piece that tackles some of life’s biggest questions. Straight off the back of a season at the Sydney Fringe (2019), NZ artist Melody Rachel brings her unique […]

REVIEW: Deep (Auckland Fringe)

February 27, 2020
[Lost in the Dark] Deep is a puppet theatre production that follows the story of marine archaeologist Rebekah Poleman (Natasha Daniel) who gets untethered from her submarine and becomes stranded four-thousand feet below the ocean surface and with only an hour of oxygen to spare. The story traces Poleman’s encounters with various underwater creatures as she attempts to survive the […]

REVIEW: #UsTwo (Auckland Fringe)

February 27, 2020
[Sisterhood and Solidarity] With its name a clear nod to the #MeToo movement, it is reasonable to expect an engagement with power structures in #UsTwo. That this show roots the political within the personal is signalled right away by its intimate set, resembling a bedroom shared by two sisters. It is in this room that real-life siblings Catherine and Sarah […]

REVIEW: Game Face (Auckland Fringe)

February 26, 2020
[Playing by Different Rules] Content Notification: Discussion of eating disorders. Honest discussions of beauty and body image – and their truly damaging consequences – are still not common enough in our culture. Talking about eating disorders remains somewhat taboo and, despite many brands attempting to reframe themselves as allied with ‘body positivity’, we are still bombarded with messages about how […]
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