REVIEW: Conversations with my Penis (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

May 7, 2014
Wanks Highly [By James Wenley] If you can work up the courage to ask “Do you want to come to Conversations with my Penis?”, you might just be rewarded with a night of feel good action. Sorry. For a comedy play that bills itself as a “touching two-hander”, it’s hard not to also join in the innuendo fun. The laughs […]

REVIEW: The Big Show (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

May 6, 2014
Pays Off [by Matt Baker] Hosted by Northern Irish comedian Michael Legge, The Big Show 2014 offers four 20-25 minute snippets from a variety of UK-based comedy festival headliners. The cabaret-style seating and bar make the most of the renamed-for-the-festival comedy chamber, and gives the show a comfortable and relaxed vibe in keeping with its advertised ideal night out for […]

REVIEW: Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

April 30, 2014
Playtime [by Matt Baker] Jeff Achtem’s multi Edinburgh-award-nominated show Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones can be located in both the Comedy For Kids and Comedy Festival Special Events categories of the Comedy Festival website, and rightly so, as the Montreal master of shadow puppets has compiled a series of simple scenes through truly unique tactics. Using a variety of everyday objects, Achtem […]

REVIEW: Jeremy Elwood Live (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

April 30, 2014
Polemical Comedical [by Matt Baker] While Jeremy Elwood admits to being a typical stand up comic in regards to his age, race, and gender, the 38-year-old white male is actually a rarity, that is, a New Zealand comedian who has sustained a professionally public career in stand-up comedy for the better part of 15 years. Elwood’s social criticism and satire […]

REVIEWS: NZ International Comedy Festival 2014: Week One

April 29, 2014
Rose Matafeo / Eli Mathewson /Flashdunce / Rhys Mathewson / Nic Sampson / Luke Heggie Rose Matafeo: Pizza Party [by Matt Baker] Less of a narrative and more of a theme-based show, Matafeo’s ironically titled Pizza Party addresses the fact that she is probably the least likely person to host, or even attend, a party. Matafeo’s self-deprecating humour towards the uncool reality of […]

REVIEW: Jimeoin in What?! (Comedy Festival)

May 16, 2013
Passes the smell test [by James Wenley] When it comes to Jimeoin, what he says matters far less than what he does. The Aussie/Irish comic is a fairly regular face at our comedy festival, and a top draw act – filling Sky City Theatre. Jimeoin has long perfected a dry, laid back style of observational comedy that sifts through the ridiculous […]

REVIEW: James Roque is Chicken (Comedy Festival)

May 16, 2013
Clucking good fun [by Matt Baker] “What do I really wanna say that I’m afraid to say?” In his eulogy for George Carlin, Louis CK noted that what made the late comedian better every year was his constant digging deeper for new material; from jokes about airplanes and dogs, to feelings and who you are, to fears and nightmares. With […]
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