REVIEW: Hedluv + Passman (Comedy Review)

May 10, 2013
A slice of Cornish Pasty [by Sharu Delilkan] Two Cornish rappers and a Casiotone keyboard – that was pretty much all I knew when I got to the gig at Cassette Nine last night. Why not, I said to myself, particularly since we’ve recently seen big balls, classical music hooliganism and mesmerising mime mania, why not Hedluv + Passman? We […]

REVIEW: Vela Manusaute in Big Balls (Comedy Festival)

May 8, 2013
A kick in the balls [by Sharu Delilkan] The show started off in the classic Kila Kokonut Krew slapstick style that we are all familiar with. But it was not long before it was obvious that Vela Manusaute was totally on the ball. His latest show at the NZ International Comedy Festival titled Big Balls was a great way to […]

REVIEW: Idiots of Ants Model Citizens (Comedy Festival)

May 3, 2013
Boys from Britain triumph again [by James Wenley] British sketch comedy quadrangle Idiots of Ants were my favourite acts in their Auckland debut at last year’s Comedy Festival. Amidst an amusement of stand-up comedians, Ants are a fresh and lively point of laughter-filled difference. Sketch as a form seems to be viewed as a bit antiquated today – it had […]

REVIEW: Rainer Hersch’s Victor Borge (Comedy Festival)

May 3, 2013
Victor Victorious [by Sharu Delilkan] It was sad to see the sparse turnout for what proved to be a truly professional show – something that Rainer Hersch picked up on and immediately incorporated wittily into his slick intro. His candour with the audience from the get-go about his inspiration to create a show around Victor Borge – more out of […]

REVIEW: Doctor Brown in Befrdfgth (Comedy Festival)

May 2, 2013
Bizarre and Expected [by Sharu Delilkan] To be honest I had no idea what to expect when I turned up to watch Doctor Brown in Befrdfgth. I chose to review this one merely because the limited write-up, that gave nothing away, insinuated that it would be a show like no other. And that it definitely was. The slick act, that […]

REVIEW: David Ladderman in Battle of the Bastards (Comedy Festival)

April 29, 2013
A show worth fighting for [by Matt Baker] Starting nearly half an hour late can result in an immediate uphill battle for a performer, but, with an enthusiastic energy and true showmanship, David Ladderman quickly has us on his side in his one-man show Battle of the Bastards. The show focuses on the sub-plot to King Lear, namely, the events […]

REVIEW: Andy Clay’s Book of Love (Comedy Festival)

April 29, 2013
A novel comedy [by Matt Baker] Four years after being nominated for Best Show in the NZ International Comedy Festival, Andy Clay’s Book of Love returns for its second season. Presented not as a one-man reading, but more of a self-help seminar, the show is broken into ten chapters, with Clay enthusiastically rattling off a great variety of hilarious observations […]

REVIEW: Chris Parker and Hayley Sproull in Outsiders’ Guide (Comedy Festival)

April 28, 2013
Its cooler outside [by James Wenley] Everyone is an outsider somewhere. Hayley Sproull and Chris Parker know this well, and find fertile ground for comedy, and laughs of identification, in their Outsiders’ Guide: A whirlwind guide to life and reasons yours doesn’t work. The thespianic-comedians are the insiders on the outside, who promise, in beatnik poetry at the top of […]

REVIEW: Chris Martin in Spot the Difference (Comedy Festival)

April 28, 2013
Close but no cigar [by Sharu Delilkan] The foyer of The Classic was buzzing as would be expected on the first official night of the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival. The bar was under siege before the start of Chris Martin’s first show and the queue for the theatre snaked out the door to the last of the smokers building […]

REVIEW: Dumped (Comedy Festival)

May 18, 2012
I don’t know how to say this, but… [by James Wenley] If it hasn’t happened to you you’re either extremely fortunate, like to get in first, or lying. Dumped is the title of the comedy play, and the firm subject. The characters – four bar staff and a particularly boozy customer each have their own take on the condition and […]
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