SCENE BY JAMES (and Matt): The James Plays Podcast

Podcast by James Wenley and Matt Baker

The James Plays - Auckland Arts Festival

[Two Critics with the Egos of Three Kings]

Critics Matt Baker and James Wenley went to the National Theatre of Scotland’s The James Plays over the weekend and podcasted their experience. Catch their conversation during the breaks of their nine hour theatre marathon. They saw James I on the Saturday night, and James II and III the next day. Find out the immediate reactions from the reviewers – were their expectations met? What play did they like the best? How many film and tv references can they sneak in? Did all this talk of royalty go to James’s head? And if you’re thinking about going to The James Plays – how should you tackle them?


Read James Wenley’s review for Metro Magazine & Matt Baker’s review for Theatre Scenes

The James Plays are the BIG event of the Auckland Arts Festival. Get ready to splurge and collect a full set of Kings: James I, James II and James III.

Details and times see Auckland Arts Festival

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