REVIEW: Hotel (The Christchurch Arts Festival)

September 3, 2013
Hotel Secrets [by Sharu Delilkan] The all-too-familiar experience began as we entered The Rendezvous Hotel to see the Christchurch Arts Festival show Hotel. We walked into the reception and spoke to the concierge who said that we would be called when the show was about to begin. What I’m referring to is all the unknowns we are confronted with when […]

REVIEW: Motel (Cas ‘n’ Ova Productions)

August 14, 2013
Smart, succinct and startling [by Sharu Delilkan] How can anyone resist being a voyeur? That’s probably what everyone was thinking as they sat down to witness the shenanigans about to take place before their eyes in the seedy motel room presented on stage in front of them. Motel definitely provided the audience their fill of scandal as the stories in […]