REVIEW: “Ze”: Queer As Fuck! (Auckland Pride/Fringe)

February 23, 2017
[Cumming of Age] Queer revolution is the name of the game in “Ze”: Queer as Fuck!, a deeply personal one-person show that explores the vast depths of identity politics. It’s a show deliberately designed to appeal to those who identify with an anti-assimilation, non-conformist attitude. But, more than simply agitprop, everything is backed up by personal anecdotes and experience. Beginning […]

REVIEW: Loud & Queer (Auckland Pride)

February 16, 2017
[Queer Rock] Loud & Queer is unapologetic agitprop. It feels like a blast of cold water that rails against the ways in which queer experience and identities have been homogenised  and commercialised for the masses. A mix of comedy, skits and poetry, the show is messy, angry and comes out punching. Last year, I reviewed The Hook-Up Boys, a pretty funny show about […]

REVIEW: Impostar (Auckland Pride)

February 15, 2017
[Over the Rainbow and Around the Bend] A show for anyone who grew up watching Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music till the VHS tapes wore out, Impostar: Who does he think he is? is a funny, heart-warming showcase for the extremely talented singer-impressionist Jason Chasland. A mix of cabaret and autobiographical monologue, Impostar is a blast from start […]

REVIEW: Live Orgy (Auckland Fringe)

February 10, 2015
Explicit Education [by Guest Reviewer Amanda Leo] Going to the opening night of a comedy show as part of Auckland’s Fringe Festival entitled Live Orgy I expected a night of raucous, explicit humour and was not disappointed in the least. My disappointment that I was not turning up for an actual live orgy was compensated by the jocular introduction of the […]

REVIEW: Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys (Smoke Labours Productions)

February 3, 2014
The journey, not the destination [by James Wenley] It struck me while watching Sam Brooks’ Riding in Cars with (Mostly Straight) Boys how many moments of great (and small) personal drama burns out while stuck in an automobile. While Film loves to show wheels in motion, cars can be problematic to represent and rather static in action in a stage drama. […]
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