REVIEW: Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure (TAPAC and Blue Baths):

July 20, 2016
[Glued to the Stage] Written by Jess Sayer, one of New Zealand’s grittiest adult playwrights, and Darlene Mohekey, the creative and musical genius The Blue Baths, Dexter’s Amazing African Adventure follows Dexter’s journey (a year after his deep sea discovery) to save the last African Black Horn Rhinoceros. It’s a simple premise with little conflict, but Sayer and Mohekey extrapolate […]

REVIEW: The Choice (Rotorua Blue Baths)

January 25, 2016
[NZ’s Got Talent] The show’s tagline ’50 characters, 5 actors’ doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer magnitude of skill, talent and hilarity that the ‘TV talent show’ The Choice dishes out for us. Wickedly written, slickly performed and cleverly directed to parody the current talent show phenomenon that dominates our airwaves, The Choice is undoubtedly the funniest show I’ve seen […]

REVIEW: Wings (Junket Theatre Company)

August 16, 2013
What every woman needs [by Matt Baker] Incorporating a similar narrative construct to her hit Fringe Festival show Elevator, writer and actress Jess Sayer has brought three women together in a confined space and gradually turned up the heat. Wings follow three sisters’ literal and metaphorical journey, with Sayer cleverly making the subtlest of suggestions along the way. The result is that even […]