REVIEW: The Cagebirds and The Collector (Wild Boy Productions)

November 2, 2014
Set them free [by Matt Baker] As a double-bill, The Cagebirds and The Collector are a clear and legitimate programming decision by Wild Boy Productions, with each play containing inherent, parallel themes of being trapped, isolation, choice, and freedom. As a Halloween double-bill, however, the choice is not totally clear – other than as a marketing gimmick. As a text, The […]

PREVIEW: Revenge of the Amazons (Female Company)

August 8, 2013
Female Company Directors on naughty Shakespeare and supporting Feminism [by James Wenley] Flatmates Haemia Foote and Marisa Breytenbach proudly show me the hundreds of bras they have stored behind their couch. I’m assured this is not some sort of washing-line pinching conspiracy, but these brassieres  are much needed items for (what else?) a theatre set for a satirical feminist play to […]