REVIEW: Cool Behaviour (Auckland Fringe)

February 23, 2018
[Cool As!] It was with great trepidation that I walked down the stairs to Q’s Vault to watch Cool Behaviour. Like many in the audience, I’m sure, the questions were whirring around in my mind.  Foremost of which was, “Am I cool enough to even be here?” That ‘coolness’ is a state of being which a majority of the human […]

REVIEW: The Better Best Possible Album Party Anybody Has Ever Been Two (The Basement)

September 18, 2016
[Return of the Divas] Back from their self-imposed hiatus Deni$ and Tyla grace New Zealand’s stage once again dropping bangers and truths for audiences at the Basement Theatre. Frith Horan and Kate McGill are stepping back into the shoes of this problematic pop-duo to rekindle their relationship with their fans after an ego-fueled mistake at Coachella destroyed their careers nine […]

REVIEW: Callback: Behind Frenemy Lines (The Basement)

September 24, 2015
We’ll Call You [by Matt Baker] A show about actresses going through the rigmarole of auditioning sounds as indulgent as it does clichéd. Fortunately, both Frith Horan and Lucy Suttor are neither of those things. As Amy and Poppy respectively, the actresses and flatmates demonstrate their distinct differences in approaching the same role as the former, while navigating the peril of […]

REVIEW: Munted (Bare Hunt Collective)

December 5, 2012
Solid [by Matt Baker] From Liz Carpenter and Alana Kelly’s poster design to the un-credited set design in performance, the teacup motif in Munted is both an accurate and elegant metaphor for the fragility and communal aspects of life surrounding the February earthquake. It is also brilliantly used in breaking the fourth wall the moment the audience enters the performance […]