REVIEW: My Name is Rachel Corrie (Shape Shift and Embers Collective)

December 3, 2018
[Looking Inward for Outward Action] “My name is Rachel Corrie”, states the energetic, impassioned, idealistic, empathetic, effervescent and blisteringly awake woman on Garnet Station’s Tiny Theatre stage. Character and actor alike are bright stars who collide to ensure we will not forget Rachel. Phoebe Borwick is a tour de force as the solo performer in the title role of Shape […]

REVIEW: The Cave (Garnet Station Tiny Theatre)

June 13, 2015
A Satisfying Squeeze [by Andrew Parker] It seems sort of appropriate that Kate Watson’s The Cave, a show so concerned with size, plays out in Garnet Station’s Tiny Theatre – where space isn’t wildly abundant for either the players or the audience. What better setting for a drama of sexual function and dysfunction performed by actors often wielding impressively proportioned dildos? […]