REVIEW: La Vie Dans Une Marionette (White Face Crew)

June 22, 2016
[Master Showmen] As soon as the  man in white face paint screamed ‘lock ze doors!’, I knew we were in for something interesting. La Vie Dans Une Marionette is a delightful confection of humour and surprising pathos. Making a return visit to The Basement as part of their Matariki season, White Face Dance Crew tell the story of a lonely pianist (Tama Jarman) and the […]

REVIEW: La Vie dans une Marionette (Auckland Fringe)

March 1, 2013
Joie de vivre [by James Wenley] It is strange at first to see performers Tama Jarman, Justin Haiu and Jarod Rawiri in the white face, white gloves, and the exaggerated clothing of a mime artist. While the art of mime, along with clowning, is typically taught as a module in drama training, and while it informs a lot of local […]

REVIEW: Paper Sky – A Love Story (Auckland Arts Festival)

March 7, 2011
Paper and Puppetry. Sometimes theatre can take you to that other place. All the elements combine to transport you to the place akin to the dreamland, the subconscious, where anything can happen. I’ve had this experience before, in Red Leap Theatre’s previous work The Arrival no less. It was with high hopes that I entered the Glen Eden Playhouse for […]