REVIEW: Celery Stories (Auckland Fringe)

February 25, 2013
Anarchic Fairy Tales in the Dark [by James Wenley] At the same time as the Lantern Festival lit up Albert Park, Myers Park came to life in quite a different way as a procession of Fairytale characters and creatures prowled its grounds. Myers Park has been associated with Auckland Fringe since the Festival’s original launch in 2009 and has played […]

REVIEW: When Animals Dream of Sheep (Auckland Fringe)

February 24, 2011
AKA: Deer Runner While the Auckland Fringe Festival officially begins this Friday 24th February, unofficially it opened with numerous bangs from simulated shotguns last night in Myers Park with the outdoor visual feast When Animals Dream of Sheep. Inspired by the true stories of the illegal release of deer on a Dutch Island, and NZ’s introduction and culling of the […]