This Week in the Theatre Scene: The do-not-misses of the Final week of Fringe


Home, Gorge and Clouds [by James Wenley]

Auckland Fringe is almost out the door (but Auckland Arts Festival opens today!). With a backlog of reviews still to write, and to stop you missing out, here are the top three unmissable Fringe shows this week with the Theatre Scenes seal of awesomeness.



The show? Home / The Hilarious Comedy About How I Nearly Killed Myself / A Play About How I Nearly Died But Didn’t Then Learned A Lot About Life Afterward.
Read that title again. Done? Good.
Who is putting it on? Freya Desmarais, touring her solo autobiographical play from Wellington.
What’s it about? “Based on a true story, this one woman play follows Freya Desmarais on her journey to rock bottom and back.”
Why you shouldn’t miss this: How do you make a play about your own suicide funny? Can you? Should you? The answer is an emphatic yes. Freya self-edits and creates a narrative, and meaning, around her lowest moment. Home is a remarkable theatre piece to experience, and it achieves what great theatre can do: for an hour, we walk in her shoes, appreciating and understanding life from an alternate perspective. Wondrous, brave, a little horrifying, and a lot honest comedy.
Where? One night left – tonight, 8:30pm at The Basement Studio.
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Gorge Auckland Fringe

The Show? Gorge.
Hungry? Yes.
Who is putting it on? Virginia Frankovich and Pheobe Mason devise and perform, with Benjamin Henson directing.
What’s it about? Its 6-year-old Milly’s birthday party, and everything is about to go deliciously wrong. A land of luxury “corrode into a horrific funhouse you cannot escape.”
Why you should not miss this: Frankovich and Mason play in a world of temptation and revulsion, creating candy-loving grotesques, hungry flies, and petulant children. Its physical, sickly sweet, and one of the most excessively crazy (and therefore brilliantly exciting) plays in Fringe. Also, you get given sweets and other treats. Seriously, you can gorge on both a play a cake, yum.
Where? Old Folks Association Hall of K Rd. Playing now till Sat 9 March, 8pm.
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Just Above the Clouds
Just Above the Clouds

The show? Just Above the Clouds
Who is putting it on? The people who play with theatre’s Ben Anderson
What’s it about? A dark and magical tale of the Boy who is unable to love anyone because his heart is made of concrete. With puppets.
Why you shouldn’t miss it: “Watching Just Above The Clouds I am reminded of films such as Waking LifeEternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, and What Dreams May Come; poetic interpretations of the perception of life. Regardless of whether these were direct influences on Anderson, he has truly created an original story.– Matt Baker’s review.
Where? Q Vault until Sat 9 March, 8pm
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