Unconventional Theatre Spaces

Waiheke Ferry
Theatre on the Waiheke Ferry? Audience can't leave!

Theatre on the Ferry? [by James Wenley]

Waiheke Ferry
Theatre on the Waiheke Ferry? Audience can't leave!

What unconventional theatre spaces would you like to see some theatre happening in? That’s the question I asked readers for Theatre Scenes ‘Did I believe it?’ ticket giveaway. Silo Theatre are heading to the Bar for their latest work, but where else might we stage theatre? I got a range of different responses, here are my favourites:

David: “Would really love to see theatre performed in the Bus Stations along the Northern Bus Way, nice sheltered areas that are not used much at all in the evening.”

@StratReality: Unconventional theatre – on the Waiheke ferry (sufficient time to kill, crowd can’t leave, seating & variety of entries/exits)”

Lisa: I would like to see theatre performed along the banks of a river with the audience in a boat OR to expand on that idea, in the Waitomo Glow Worm caves. That would be experiential theatre!”

Lots of great creative ideas. The winner though, for the most thought out idea… even giving us a potential play, is Lizzie:

“Having just got back from a ramble up there today, I’d be pretty keen to see (or stage) The Tempest up on the hill at North Head in Devonport- the cliffy bit by the flagpole just underneath the cannons. There are two holes that disappear into the cliff-face, to the cavern inside, and some pretty funky rock ledges for stage space”

Congratulations Lizzie, you and a friend will be heading to Did I believe it?!

Lizzie added in her email: “As an Auckland newcomer I’m assuming you’re a kind man and won’t jump
on in there with a council funding pitch before I get a chance to…
” . So no-one get any ideas!

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