REVIEW: G.O.A.T: Frickin Dangerous Bro (NZ International Comedy Festival)

Review by Matt Baker

G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time)

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Pax Assadi, James Roque, and Jamaine Ross want to create the greatest sketch show of all time. It’s a ludicrous premise, especially when pitting yourself against the likes of Saturday Night Live, Key & Peele, and, of course, Monty Python, but it’s this ridiculousness presented with loose, informal, direct to audience banter, that make it a readily acceptable one. And while the opportunity to really match the narrative with the content is not entirely utilised, it’s a tight 50 minutes, with the boys’ camaraderie and charisma carrying the show between what seem like too few sketches.

While some of the material Assadi, Roque, and Ross present is loaded with commentaries on socio-economic prejudice, race, and sexism, what makes Frickin’ Dangerous Bro so accessible is the fact that in addition to their natural affability as performers, it never feels pointed or judgmental, it is simply where the observational element of their collective comedy lies. This doesn’t mean, however, that they’re averse to playing the opposite end of the intellectual spectrum with farcical situations, as it is this dichotomy of content and context in their work that is their biggest strength.

While some of the sketches haven’t found a natural conclusion, there is a simple solution. Screen editing. As a comedy show that thrives off a live audience and with the recent success of Funny Girls, Frickin Dangerous Bro is the perfect studio audience sketch show for New Zealand television screens. But don’t wait till then, knock out a mainstage show or two and then catch some late night laughs with G.O.A.T. this comedy festival.

G.O.A.T. is performed by Frickin Dangerous Bro and plays at The Basement as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2016 until April 30. For details see Comedy Festival.


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