REVIEW: Monster Mash (Dynamotion)

November 19, 2018
[It’s a Mash] Co-created by Lara Liew and Tom Sainsbury, Dynamotion’s forte is taking b-movie genres and turning them into quasi-musicals with actors doing performing choreography. It’s a great idea, and they have mined it for a series of fun parodies, taking in everything from old-school exploitation horror movies, 60s Bondmania and Terminator 2. Dynamotion’s latest finds them tackling classic […]

REVIEW: Mia Blonde in Ice Dagger (Dynamotion)

August 4, 2016
[Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Ha Ha] There have been a few times I’ve watched an old James Bond movie (generally one starring Roger Moore) when I’ve wondered what a James Bond musical would look like. Mia Blonde in Ice Dagger is probably as close as we are going to get. Mia Blonde (Olivia Tennet) is James Bond without the penis or […]

REVIEW: Terror Island

October 6, 2012
Terribly amusing [by Matt Baker] Devised from an eclectic range of hit pop songs from across the decades, I was pleasantly surprised with how well a narrative the collaborative team of Fingerprints & Teeth Productions and Dynamotion were able to create for the dance/theatre show Terror Island. Starring Lara Fischel-Chisholm as Lara, Jennie Robertson as Jennie, and Tom Sainsbury as Tom […]