Looking Back: 2013 – A Theatrical Year in Review

December 28, 2013
Auckland Participates [by James Wenley] This past year I have partied with underage drinkers, appeared on the 6pm news, ran for my life from snarling zombies, and, for an all too brief moment, locked eyes with a sensuous Lucy Lawless. If there’s one big trend that has come out of Auckland’s 2013 theatrical year, it’s got to be the year of […]

This Week in the Theatre Scene: Speaking of Strindberg (26 Aug – 1 September)

August 25, 2013
Speaking in Tongues and After Miss Julie [by James Wenley] If you haven’t seen it yet, our first pick should be your top priority. PICK ONE: Speaking in Tongues Who wrote it? Australia’s Andrew Bovell, who really is one of that country’s best. Who’s putting it on? Silo, under direction by soon to depart Shane Bosher Who’s in it? A […]

REVIEW: Speaking in Tongues (Silo)

August 18, 2013
Same, but Different [by James Wenley] The harder you try to categorise Speaking in Tongues, the further the play slips away. Case in point: the content of the opening scene is the stuff of conventional dramas – in separate hotel rooms, two couplings of strangers contemplate engaging in infidelity. The tension: who will go through with it, who will back […]