REVIEW: Kalopsia Sky (Frank Creation Theatre)

October 23, 2013
Shallow Beauty [by James Wenley] The Basement Studio feels roomier than normal; with seating pushed into the corner, we gaze out on a backyard bordered with rows of white sheets on a washing line, images of flowers delicately projected over them. There are more flowers of various hues in buckets on the Astroturf lawn that completely envelops the ground. Lying […]

INTERVIEW: Sam Brooks, Playwright

October 17, 2013
Another Sam Brooks [by James Wenley] Another Dead Fag happens to be Sam Brooks’ third production at The Basement theatre this year. A playwright who creates juicily complex characters, his words seem to spring from both a personal and societal consciousness. His is a young voice working in the theatre worth listening to – helped by consistently booking slots at […]

REVIEW: Chris Parker and Hayley Sproull in Outsiders’ Guide (Comedy Festival)

April 28, 2013
Its cooler outside [by James Wenley] Everyone is an outsider somewhere. Hayley Sproull and Chris Parker know this well, and find fertile ground for comedy, and laughs of identification, in their Outsiders’ Guide: A whirlwind guide to life and reasons yours doesn’t work. The thespianic-comedians are the insiders on the outside, who promise, in beatnik poetry at the top of […]

REVIEW: Queen (Smoke Labours Productions)

April 18, 2013
Gay-up Storytelling [by James Wenley] The passing of this bill will validate my place in society. It does nothing for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples that have gone before me and had to hide their relationships. It does wonders for those of us that will be able to enjoy it at this time of great change. Most of […]

REVIEW: Mancub (re:Generate Theatre)

November 14, 2012
Lacks Bite [by James Wenley] Mancub tells the familiar story of teenager’s rite of passage from adolescence to manhood. Paul (Ryan Dulieu) traverses the terrain of teachers, parents, his first girlfriend, and school sport. There is one major complication: Paul begins to take on the characteristics of different animals, and eventually believes he can turn into animals at will. Scottish […]

REVIEW: Like Smoke in Here and Norma Strong (The Basement)

November 7, 2012
Absurd Choices [by James Wenley] The Basement’s upstairs Studio space has really proven itself this year as an accessible venue where curious audiences can seek out work from left field. This week two new works Like Smoke in Here by Ben Anderson, and Norma Strong by Elyse Brock, are featured together as an ‘absurdist double bill’. Absurdism was one of […]