REVIEW: The Feast 2014 (The Basement)

October 29, 2014
Soup for the Imagination [by James Wenley] Now in its second year, The Feast has the potential to be one of the most important avenues for development of new work. Created through Red Leap Theatre’s incubator program, the company’s physical theatre devising process is used as a springboard for the development of new work from its participants. The Feast marks the […]

Looking Back: 2013 – A Theatrical Year in Review

December 28, 2013
Auckland Participates [by James Wenley] This past year I have partied with underage drinkers, appeared on the 6pm news, ran for my life from snarling zombies, and, for an all too brief moment, locked eyes with a sensuous Lucy Lawless. If there’s one big trend that has come out of Auckland’s 2013 theatrical year, it’s got to be the year of […]

REVIEW: The Feast (The Basement)

October 16, 2013
My compliments to the chef [by Matt Baker] After having been selected through Red Leap Theatre’s Incubator Programme and workshopped through its Short Work Showcase, Le Petit Workshop, Refiner’s Fire Collective, and Nikki Bennett and Company have each produced a delectable piece of theatre, presented under the collective title of The Feast. Advertised as a mouth-watering feast of fresh theatre, each […]

This Week in the Theatre Scene: Feast on Theatre (14-20 October)

October 14, 2013
[by James Wenley] PICK: The Feast What are we Feasting on? Not one, not two, but three very different plays all in one evening: 1. Halfatasi by Refiner’s Fire Collective  2. The Soldier’s Heart and The Feathered Girl by Le Petit Workshop 3. The Clown That Ran Away From The Circus by Nikki Bennett and Company Who’s putting it on? In the kind of collaborative enterprise […]