This Week in the Theatre Scene: Make The Basement your new home (18-23 Feb)

PICK FOUR: Dolly Mixture

This Week’s Picks: Black Faggot, Elevator, A Night to Dismember and Dolly Mixture [by James Wenley]

Auckland Fringe is out in full force from this week, and audiences are  spoilt for choice, you lucky things you. All of our picks are at The Basement this week, giving you the perfect opportunity to check out their classy new bar area.


Black Faggot
PICK ONE: Black Faggot

The Show?  Black Faggot
Who Wrote it? One our best: Victor Rodger.
Who’s putting it on?  Multinesia, Roy Ward directs.  The show is doing both Auckland Fringe and Auckland Pride Festival, the dirty two-timer!
What’s it about? “A series of (mostly) humorous monologues from a vast array of (mostly) gay Samoan characters”
Who’s in it? Sione Wedding’s Iaheto Ah Hi and Shortland Street’s Beulah Koale  who play many different characters.
Pithy Theatre Scenes review Quote: “It’s a sad fact that the people who should see this show the most, are the ones who probably won’t.” (It’s all in the title)
Where? The Basement. 8:30pm tonight till Wednesday 20th, 8:30pm.
Tickets? $15-$20 at iTICKET


PICK TWO: Elevator

The Show? Elevator
Who Wrote it? Jess Sayer, a past winner of Playmarket’s Plays B4 25 competition and a young playwright to watch.
Who’s putting it on? Junket Theatre, formed by 3 graduates of the Actor’s Program.  Cameron Rhodes directs, which is a very good mark of quality.
What’s it about? Three women, “each with a very dangerous secret” who get trapped in an Elevator. Sounds like the perfect recipe for drama.
Who’s in it? Jess Sayer herself, as well as Lauren Gibson and the wonderful Michele Hine
Where? The Basement Studio, 7pm, Wed 20th until Sat 23rd Feb.
Tickets? $13.50-$15 at iTICKET


PICK THREE: A Night to Dismember

The Show? A Night to Dismember
Who wrote it? Wil Greenway. And before you ask, he also produces and performs. Also, he is from Australia.
What’s it about? “a sprawling fantasy comedy, replete with lyrical surreal gore, man-eating sharks and talking asteroids.”
Pithy Theatre Scenes Quote:While the surface story is, frankly, hilarious bullshit, what emerges is a certain way of observing the world: as a ‘shark eats man’ sort of place.” (Dexterous “Big Fish” Yarn)
Where? The Basement Theatre, 7pm, now until 2nd March.
Tickets? $22-25 at iTICKET


PICK FOUR: Dolly Mixture

The show? Dolly Mixture
Who wrote it? The power team of Yvette Parsons and Thomas Sainsbury, who also – no surprises – perform.
Why are all these writers also performing? Victor Rodger clearly didn’t get the memo.
What’s it about? A demented horror comedy about psychic siblings Crispin and Misty-Lou, members of the Rototuna Doll Collectors Association. With Parsons and Sainsbury, it will get even weirder from there.
Where? The Basement. 3 shows only: 21st-22nd March, 8:30pm.
Tickets? $20 at iTICKET.
Warning: Apparently this show is R16 and contains nudity. But will it be Sainsbury, Parsons, or a china doll?

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