REVIEW: Le Noir: The Dark Side of Cirque (The Civic)

October 30, 2015
Le Blanc [by James Wenley] If you want to crack the Auckland market, sex and cirque sells. Already we’ve had the Spiegeltent adult-circus double-hit of Empire at Wynyard Quarter and Limbo for Auckland Festival. Le Noir comes from the bankable team behind The Illusionists phenomenon. If you are someone who knows their Cirques, you’ve probably seen most of these acts before here in […]

REVIEW: Afakasi (The Basement)

October 28, 2015
Identity Quest [by Sharu Delilkan and Tim Booth] What does Afakasi mean? The urban dictionary definition is “used by Samoans to classify those who have one Samoan parent and one Palagi parent. Originates from the word ‘half-caste’.” The Samoan Observer provides a great commentary which ultimately concludes that: Afakasi is “to experience TWICE the world around us”. I love this […]

REVIEW: Young & Hungry 2015: The 21st Narcissus and 7500 Days (The Basement)

October 13, 2015
[by Matt Baker] Stumblr Based on last year’s Young & Hungry plays, it would be within reason to expect a 21st Century Narcissus to modernise the Greek myth through the complexities and perils of today’s youth’s navigation of online platforms. For Sam Brooks’ 21st Narcissus, it would also, however, be wrong. Unlike Uncle Minotaur, where mythology was ingrained in the narrative, […]

REVIEW: The Leaf Jar (The Studio)

October 7, 2015
Make like a tree and… [by Tim George] The Leaf Jar by Alex Gleed is a story about contemporary relationships, and how they can fall apart. Peter (Carl Drake) dreams of becoming a writer, but has put his dreams on hold to take care of his sick sister, Sarah (Sophie Bateman) and to support his wife Christine (Karen Wharerau-Young), his wife, a nurse […]

REVIEW: Manifesto 2083 (The Rebel Alliance)

October 1, 2015
Resistance [by James Wenley] About half-way through Manifesto 2083, actor Edwin Wright, playing actor Olaf Højgaard, begins to chuckle. “Was this your goal?” he asks the image of Anders Behring Brevik, attached to a pinboard behind him. In creating Manifesto 2083, Danish theatre makers Christian Lolike, Tanja Diers and Højgaard were exposing Brevik’s manifesto, his ideology and his words, to a […]