REVIEW: Show Ponies (Auckland Pride)

February 27, 2023

[“Just Fxcking Delicious”] Presented by Auckland Pride and Same Same But Different, and produced by Izzy, this Pride edition of Freya Daly Sadgrove’s Show Ponies is a riot of talent. This is poetry dialled to 11.  The stacked line-up features performances from Emma Barnes, Venessa Mei Crofskey, Sam Duckor-Jones, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Ruby Solly, Chris Tse, Rebecca Hawkes, Dan Goodwin, […]

REVIEW: Wheel Head (Summer at Q)

February 27, 2023

[What’s Your Bus Number?] Absurd, playful, and freshly imagined. Co Theatre Physical have once again produced an comedic and engrossing piece. Mixing physical theatre, contemporary transport woes, live music, and light audience interaction, Wheel Head, written by Beth Kayes in collaboration with Katie Burson,  is a surprising and charming 50 minutes.  We are introduced to Joanna (Katie Burson), Aucklander and […]

REVIEW: Naked & Dangerous (Auckland Pride)

February 24, 2023

“I don’t know what to expect, and that’s exciting” an audience member said as we were queuing up for the opening night of Naked & Dangerous, the latest venture from Luck and Schooney, a veteran artistic duo specialising in Dance Theatre and Cabaret. The show’s description is brief and enticingly general, promising a cabaret show that will explore sexual taboos […]

REVIEW: Concerning the UFO Sighting Outside Mt Roskill (Auckland Pride)

February 23, 2023

It’s the final week of the Auckland Pride Festival. With the festival turning out some amazing theatre this year, Concerning the UFO Sighting Outside Mt Roskill is one I’m glad I didn’t miss. Reon Bell gives a charming and thoroughly entertaining performance in this solo act as Dana, a young, closeted gay man in the 80s who has an increasing […]

REVIEW: Festival of Live Art, F.O.L.A (Auckland Pride)

February 23, 2023

[Oasis in a Storm] I, like many others, was excited about F.O.L.A’s initial line-up – promising an enticing array of local and international experimental artists, and a diversity of modes and mediums. It looked to be a festival that would blur and push the boundaries between art forms, genres and styles, that would not end once you stepped outside the […]

REVIEW: Sense and Sensibility (Court Theatre)

February 22, 2023

The Court Theatre’s world premiere of Sense and Sensibility is a production of flair, noise and caricature. Whilst playwright Penny Ashton and director Hillary Moulder have a good handle on adapting the narrative dimensions of the source material, this production struggles to make any of it matter. For audience members new to Austen, this is unlikely to be an issue. […]

REVIEW: Alone (Summer at Q)

February 18, 2023

[In Space No One Can Hear the Smiths] It is a testament to the show that David Bowie is a more subject of conversation and debate, but the song that is played is not Space Oddity.  Written and directed by Luke Thornborough, Alone is a sci-fi drama about two astronauts on a return flight from a mission to a distant […]

REVIEW: The Best is Yet to Come: A Queer Magic Show (Auckland Pride)

February 12, 2023

The Best is Yet to Come: A Queer Magic Show is part autobiographical story, and part magic showcase, deeply invested in uplifting the rainbow community. Jeremy Rolston opens his show with a very clear setting of boundaries. Rolston goes to great lengths to ensure the audience are comfortable – asking for names and pronouns, assuaging doubts about audience participation, outlining […]

REVIEW: Jez & Jace: Lads on Tour (Auckland Pride)

February 12, 2023

Jez & Jace: Lads on Tour is a humorous and heart-warming improvised show, which delightfully depicts two life-long bogan mates trying to figure out what they really want. The eponymous Jez and Jace; devised and played by Ginge and Minge, respectively (Nina Hogg and Megan Conolly, respectively); are the beer-swilling, womanising, stubby-wearing men that typify rural New Zealand. They are […]

REVIEW: Man Lessons (Auckland Pride)

February 10, 2023

The Auckland Pride Festival is in full swing in its second week and if you’re going out to see a thing or two (or read, watch, listen to – there’s a beautiful array of activities in the program this year), you can’t go past this gem taking place at the Basement Theatre. Man Lessons, performed by Adam Rohe (he/him), combines […]

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