REVIEW: Maumahara Girlie (The Basement)

July 6, 2018
[A Hopeful Encounter and a Question Mark] Maumahara Girlie is pitch-perfect Matariki programming: a young, wāhine-driven interdisciplinary work unfolding the matrix of what it means to be Māori, disconnected, urban and educated. It is a fiercely contemporary conversation, which should come as no surprise. Writer and first-time director Mya Morrison-Middleton (Kai Tahu) is a sardonic, critical and connected force in the art […]

REVIEW: Lucinda the Cactus Girl (The Basement)

October 22, 2016
[Prickly in a good way] It’s the second time in seven days I have watched toast being made in the Basement loft. The first was in Kate Bartlett’s Madwoman/Gentlewoman. For Kate, the toast was left dry, like her tumbleweed humour, part of some infinitely fathomable ritual of daily being. By contrast, Lizzie Morris of Lucinda The Cactus Girl cheerfully lathers […]

REVIEW: Leilani (Q Matchbox)

August 11, 2016
[Finding Ourselves in the Form] Sometimes there is nothing so magical as a girl, on a stage, sitting on a rubbish bag.  With every funding cut scything away at our creative waistlines, the Arts are now in a position where every show must first justify its existence. Why do we bother to make theatre – especially under these conditions? Sitting […]

REVIEW: Little Child of Miracle (The Basement)

March 31, 2016
[A thing made-with-joy] There are certain creatures in our theatre scene that operate under long periods of dormancy. You know the types – they tiptoe in and out of other people’s processes, keeping themselves on a low simmer. You know they are there – designing shows, writing the odd monologue, sometimes co-directing, part of the indelible infrastructure of our sprawling […]