REVIEW: Grounded (Auckland Fringe)

February 19, 2015
Target Locked [by Guest Reviewer Rose Archer] George Brant’s script of Grounded is so extraordinary that if nothing else it is absolutely worth going to see such a wonderful piece of writing come to life. Grounded is a complex and moving portrayal of one female pilots struggle with motherhood, marriage, and being ‘grounded’ as a drone-pilot. Essentially an hour-long monologue, the […]

REVIEW: Copenhagen (TAPAC)

June 3, 2012
Physics, History, and the Atomic Bomb [by Rosabel Tan] Sometimes a play will continue to work on you long after you’ve left the theatre. I don’t mean that the memory lingers, though this happens too, but that the experience continues to grow and transform, the seed of what was planted onstage blossoming over time. A digression: Adaptation is one of […]