REVIEW: Lockdown (Auckland Fringe)

February 23, 2018
[Time for a Lockdown] “Memories will fade if you let them.  If you tuck them away on the top shelf.  That’s how you keep going when you’ve got nothing left.  That’s how you stay a step ahead of the emptiness.  That’s how you cope”. – Martha in Lockdown Lockdown, written by Nik Rolls and directed by Matthew Diesch, is an […]

REVIEW: Fuck Rant (Auckland Fringe)

February 22, 2018
[Fuck Yeah] When I think of theatre company The Town Centre, the link from the agora (where the Ancient Greek public assembled for discussion) to the Theatre of Dionysus (where tragedians addressed social and political issues through mimetic representation) is unavoidable. So too are the words of Aristotle’s Poetics, where the rules to poetic writing were first composed. Over two thousand […]

REVIEW: Force Field (Auckland Fringe)

February 22, 2018
[To be reckoned with] Everyone has their own fantasy. Whether it’s living alone in a cabin in the woods, the nuclear family with the white picket fence, or somewhere in between, we each have our own scenario in which if we had that one thing, we would be happy. The truth, however, is that most of us don’t really know […]
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