REVIEW: The Events (Silo Theatre)

September 7, 2015
Asking the Unanswerable [by Matt Baker] When we hear reports of mass shootings, we can recognise the actions of, in the case of the forcibly nameless Anders Behring Breivik, a complete stranger in “human” terms. Tragedy without character is comprehensible, but it remains impersonal, however empathetic one may be. So how do we understand beyond the ‘what’ without character motivation? How […]

REVIEW: Black Faggot (Auckland Fringe)

February 18, 2013
It’s all in the title [by Matt Baker] With such a provocative title (faggot sits at number 9 on the Broadcasting Standards Authority’s list of 31 words ‘Not To Swear’), one would be forgiven if they were to presume that Victor Rodger’s Black Faggot was going to be an excessive bombardment of racial and homophobic rants from both sides of […]

PREVIEW: The Brave (Massive Company)

April 10, 2012
Play favours The Brave [by Sharu Delilkan] Massive Company’s latest production The Brave marks a number of firsts for the cast’s oldest actor, Jonny Moffatt. The show is a milestone in the 30-year-old’s acting career as he will not only be debuting with Massive Company but also at Q and the Mangere Arts Centre. Moffatt says “Although I have never worked […]

FESTIVAL PREVIEW: Massive Company’s Havoc in the Garden

February 15, 2011
There will be Havoc. In the Garden.   HAVOC IN THE GARDEN rehearsals look like crazy fun. Each day starts with the most high-stakes, intense game of handball I have ever seen, making my high-school handball games look like a game for, well, kids. There are shouts, and loud howls of triumph when director Sam Scott is finally vanquished out of […]