REVIEW: Jingles the Musical (The Basement)

June 7, 2017
[Take me back to the Rainbow] Perhaps you, like I was, are skeptical about a musical making a plot entirely around advertising jingles. You resent the marketing inception, you loathe the Pavlovian ear-worms that had burrowed deeper and deeper during endless commercial breaks, the very sound of which will have you craving McDonalds for breakfast, or make you smash your […]

REVIEW: Conversations with my Penis (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

May 7, 2014
Wanks Highly [By James Wenley] If you can work up the courage to ask “Do you want to come to Conversations with my Penis?”, you might just be rewarded with a night of feel good action. Sorry. For a comedy play that bills itself as a “touching two-hander”, it’s hard not to also join in the innuendo fun. The laughs […]