REVIEW: Sandy Edmonds: Sure to Rise (Dionysos)

August 7, 2016
[Add Baking Powder] Written and performed by Jessie Cassin, Sandy Edmonds: Sure to Rise is a show stuck somewhere between a night with Sandy Edmonds and a jukebox musical theatre piece. A star of the New Zealand 60’s music scene, publicity raises the question of “what happened to Sandy and where did she go?” This is a ruse (and a […]

REVIEW: Twisted (Dionysos)

November 12, 2015
A Whole New Story [by James Wenley] I’ve always liked Jafar. His sleek robes, his slimy voice, his talking pet parrot. This might be part of the reason that it wasn’t the VHS of Aladdin, but its direct-to-video sequel Return of Jafar, that was played to destruction in childhood.  Jafar is a straight up badass, one of Disney’s greatest villains. In […]

REVIEW: If I only had a Heart (Dionysos)

October 22, 2014
Affairs of the Heart [by James Wenley] Glancing down the program for If I Only Had a Heart, you might think that director Aaron Tindell compiled this cabaret show’s song list by typing “heart” in his iTunes search bar. Each song has “heart” somewhere in the title, helpfully bolded in red. It’s a mix of Broadway tuners that only the most […]