REVIEW: Madwoman/Gentlewoman (The Basement – Art Week)

October 13, 2016
[Burnt Toast] Created and performed by Kate Bartlett, this one-woman show is an attempt to bring an emotional void to the stage. The set-up is intriguing — the stage is sparsely decorated with a few pieces of furniture and everyday items (a chair, a desk and a toaster). But there is an uncanny quality to the mise-en-scene which goes beyond […]

REVIEW: Gravity Hotel (The Basement)

May 30, 2013
Mass Appeal [by Matt Baker] The less said about Gravity Hotel, the better. I say this, not in regards to the incredibly high quality of the work, but of its journey, as it is one that simply must be experienced as opposed to explained. Very rarely does an audience remain seated post show in huddled discussion about the events they’ve just […]