REVIEW: Short+Sweet Theatre Week 1 (Short+Sweet Festival 2013)

June 19, 2013

Sweet As…[by Sharu Delilkan] And so we’re off again for two weeks packed with 10-minute theatre snippets for “the easily distracted”, as advertised in the pre-publicity. It is great to see that Short+Sweet Theatre as a festival is finally become a regular date in the theatregoing public’s calendar. I’ve been personally going to this festival for the past three years […]

REVIEW: High School Hangover (Auckland Fringe)

February 28, 2013

I’d rather have my stomach pumped… [by Matt Baker] High School Hangover is described as a romantic-comedy that will “have you in stitches”, and I did laugh, twice. Once at Xavier Mercedes Black’s awkward attempt to both calm and support her friend, and once at musician Jess Dowlman’s one-liner aside. It’s hard to keep track of this play, not only […]

REVIEW: An Awkward Family Christmas (Outfit Theatre Company)

November 23, 2012

The title tells you all [by James Wenley] The ‘awkward’ brand of humour is one well known to audiences. Popularised in modern times by the Ricky Gervais School of comedy, it employs cringe, painful pauses, and a whiff of nastiness to sell its humour. Thomas Sainsbury has long done his own successful spin on the genre, and is a great […]

REVIEW: Alice (Outfit Theatre Company)

July 11, 2012

If this is a kid’s show, consider me a big one! [by James Wenley] Outfit Theatre Company have turned their devising smarts on Lewis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland story. I’ve never been to one of Outfit’s School Holiday shows, so was very curious to see how their upstart (and often dark) style would translate for children. As we enter TAPAC […]