REVIEW: Wilson Dixon’s Back Catalogue (NZ International Comedy Festival)

May 3, 2016
[Catch-up on your Dixon] Performing a selection of songs from his various pun-titled albums, Wilson Dixon’s Back Catalogue is an excellent opportunity for those unfamiliar with New Zealand’s favourite American country and western comedy singer to catch up on over a decade of anecdotes. The Cripple Creek comedian is the stereotypical modern day redneck, with an astute eye on small […]

REVIEW: Joseph Moore 1989 (NZ International Comedy Festival 2015)

May 1, 2015
Chinese Year of the Dragon, New Zealand Future of Comedy [by Matt Baker] Last year, comedian Joseph Moore wanted to be a billionaire. The year prior, he was a Billy T nominee. 24 years before that, he was born. And how lucky we all are that he was. Moore is a brilliant young comedian. He’s funny, slightly awkward, and has a […]

REVIEW: Guy Montcomedy (NZ International Comedy Festival 2015)

April 28, 2015
Seen one Montgomery, seen all his Montcomedies? [by Matt Baker] Those of you who know Guy Montgomery’s work from Snort will already have an idea of the absurdity of this up-and-coming New Zealand comedian’s style. For those of you who don’t, there’s simply no way of preparing you for his farcical nature. Think of the weirdest joke that ever made you […]

REVIEW: Tim Batt Explores The Human Experience (NZ International Comedy Festival 2015)

April 28, 2015
Optimistic and Exuberant [by Matt Baker] The human condition is a universal concept, one which art helps us to understand. The human experience, however, can be much more personal and potentially humourous. It’s an incredibly broad topic, so comedian Tim Batt has narrowed his show’s narrative down to a significant period of his life: post break-up. It’s not an inherently hilarious one, […]

REVIEW: Brendon Green’s The Green Effect (NZ International Comedy Festival 2015)

April 27, 2015
Global Greening [by Matt Baker] Brendon Green is changing the world, one show and one problem at a time – or trying to at least. The show is structured on a familiar television format which has proved popular to New Zealand audiences via 7 Days. But the format also has the potential for not quite hitting the mark, as New Zealand’s version of […]