Auckland Fringe Dispatch: Third Time’s a Charm

April 3, 2013
Memories from the Fringe [by James Wenley] It was an obsession. It was an addiction. Auckland Fringe came into my life with a wink and a smile; a mistress that promised the world. Sure, some of the time we spent together was a bit awkward, rubbish even, but when it was good it was very good – whisking me away […]

REVIEW: Swan Song (Auckland Fringe)

February 14, 2013
Swan Swimming Pool [by James Wenley] The Wet Hot Beauties run a water-tight operation. In groups of 15 the audience is ushered to take their seats pool side to watch (as well as receive the odd splash of water) the company’s latest unique contemporary spin on the Water Ballet genre for Auckland Fringe: Swan Song. While we wait, the Parnell […]

Looking forward: What’s on my theatrical radar for 2013? (Part 1)

January 20, 2013
Festival Year! [by James Wenley] Theatre always goes to ground in January. The stages may be bare, but Auckland’s theatre community are busy strutting and fretting behind-the-scenes. There’s a lot to do: Auckland Fringe 2013 is now less than a month away, and Auckland Arts Festival is right on its tail. I’ve enjoyed the break, but if, like me, you […]