REVIEW: …him (Theatre Beating)

September 17, 2014
And us  [by Matt Baker] Tuesday 16th September 2014: a day like no other. For one, it was the only opportunity to see that evening’s performance by Barnie Duncan. While this is always true of the transient pleasure of all theatre, it is reinforced in …him, as that day’s newspaper held the cryptic key to this ingenious, ever-evolving theatrical experience. I […]

REVIEW: Ollie is a Martian (Theatre Beating)

June 4, 2014
Out of this world  [by Andrew Parker] Ollie is a Martian. Or to go into a little more detail, he’s a man in a nifty blue track-suit with hair like Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future and who sounds like Jemaine Clement on helium. Also he’s from Mars, represented by a red ball with a heart on it. He’s […]

REVIEW: The Thing from the Place (Theatre Beating)

October 9, 2013
Mad Science [by Dionne Christian] Okay, recently I wrote of the joys of taking kids to the theatre and of seeing their faces “light up” as they connect with what they’re seeing on stage.  Of course, the converse is when they react badly: they shout that they’re bored, they wriggle and jiggle and ask when it will be over, they’re […]