REVIEW: 3 in 2 1 (Auckland Fringe)

February 11, 2015
3 in 2 1… Go! [by Matt Baker] Presented by Etched Dance Productions, 3 in 2 1 is the staging of three short dance works for the 2015 Auckland Fringe Festival. As a duet, These Our Body addresses several themes that are inevitably raised when exploring the concept of identity and self. Beginning from a relatively intellectual narrative standpoint, the piece […]

REVIEW: Live Orgy (Auckland Fringe)

February 10, 2015
Explicit Education [by Guest Reviewer Amanda Leo] Going to the opening night of a comedy show as part of Auckland’s Fringe Festival entitled Live Orgy I expected a night of raucous, explicit humour and was not disappointed in the least. My disappointment that I was not turning up for an actual live orgy was compensated by the jocular introduction of the […]

REVIEW: Girl on A Corner (Auckland Fringe)

February 10, 2015
Innovative theatre [by Sharu Delilkan] Victor Rodger‘s premiere of Girl on a Corner is testament that there are multiple ways to skin a cat. The device used in this show provides the audience a multitude of permutations and combinations of ways in which a story line can move in different directions i.e. an innovative style that showcases Rodger’s ability to […]

Auckland Fringe 2015: Week One Schedule and Daily Picks

February 5, 2015
Auckland: Things are about to get Fringey [by James Wenley] Auckland Fringe 2015 is hitting our theatres and streets next week and it promises to bring a whole cavalcade of entertainment and provocation. Fringe is one of the best times to check out what’s happening in Auckland theatre. Ticket prices are low and affordable, and you can jump from venue to […]

REVIEW: Bitter Sweet (Mixit)

January 17, 2015
The right mix [by James Wenley] With a sprawling ensemble cast of young refugees, migrants and locals, in Bitter Sweet Mixit repurpose the Romeo and Juliet proto-narrative and respond with a unique collective voice that can only come with having so many distinct voices in the devising room. In this tale you’ll find aspect of the familiar. Two households, both alike […]

REVIEW: Empire (Spiegelworld)

January 9, 2015
Out of the Concrete Jungle [by James Wenley] Conventional thought has it that January is a no-go zone for theatrical endeavours in Auckland. Aucklanders prefer the sun, surf, and music festivals. Rolling up bravely into this cultural desert are the unconventional New York performers of Empire. They’ve put together their Spiegeltent at Wynyard Quarter in the hopes of enticing us into […]
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