REVIEW: Mackenzie’s Daughters (Auckland Fringe)

February 26, 2018

[A Bale of Laughs] This show is basically the inverse of my review’s lame title – it’s funny, it’s inane, it’s utterly ridiculous, and no part of it makes you wince. Completely improvised on the spot, Mackenzie’s Daughters is something: a chance to watch some of Auckland’s best performers try to keep up with each other. Featuring a revolving cast (my night featured Donna Brookbanks, […]

REVIEW: Salonica (Auckland Fringe)

February 25, 2018

[A Sign of Things to Come] When the Auckland Museum launched its online cenotaph, it was a chance for many to discover a part of their family history that had otherwise been a difficult task to undertake. The interest in the Centenary made an easy transition to the stage, with the success of plays such as Once on Chunuk Bair, […]

REVIEW: The Jenny Taylor Show (Auckland Fringe)

February 24, 2018

[Jeremy Kyle rest easy] A live taping of a talk show is a solid theatrical idea, but The Jenny Taylor Show does not take this much beyond its premise. The main problem is a lack of focus. It is meant to be a satire about talk shows, but it what is it commenting on? Could it be the blurring of reality […]

REVIEW: Cool Behaviour (Auckland Fringe)

February 23, 2018

[Cool As!] It was with great trepidation that I walked down the stairs to Q’s Vault to watch Cool Behaviour. Like many in the audience, I’m sure, the questions were whirring around in my mind.  Foremost of which was, “Am I cool enough to even be here?” That ‘coolness’ is a state of being which a majority of the human […]

REVIEW: Lockdown (Auckland Fringe)

February 23, 2018

[Time for a Lockdown] “Memories will fade if you let them.  If you tuck them away on the top shelf.  That’s how you keep going when you’ve got nothing left.  That’s how you stay a step ahead of the emptiness.  That’s how you cope”. – Martha in Lockdown Lockdown, written by Nik Rolls and directed by Matthew Diesch, is an […]

REVIEW: Fuck Rant (Auckland Fringe)

February 22, 2018

[Fuck Yeah] When I think of theatre company The Town Centre, the link from the agora (where the Ancient Greek public assembled for discussion) to the Theatre of Dionysus (where tragedians addressed social and political issues through mimetic representation) is unavoidable. So too are the words of Aristotle’s Poetics, where the rules to poetic writing were first composed. Over two thousand […]

REVIEW: Force Field (Auckland Fringe)

February 22, 2018

[To be reckoned with] Everyone has their own fantasy. Whether it’s living alone in a cabin in the woods, the nuclear family with the white picket fence, or somewhere in between, we each have our own scenario in which if we had that one thing, we would be happy. The truth, however, is that most of us don’t really know […]

REVIEW: Herstory (Te Pou Rangatahi Season)

February 16, 2018

[Strength in Sharing] Herstory is the opening show of the Rangatahi Festival at Te Pou Theatre. Under the direction of Zandra Ah-Jay Maepu and support of The Creative Souls Project, the show combines eight emerging actresses as they each share their stories through monologues, poetry, dance and song. Alana Tele and Kirilayla Dhillon both explore their cultural identity through their […]

REVIEW: Twenty Eight Millimetres (Auckland Pride)

February 16, 2018

[Measuring Happiness] It’s easy to imagine that if Sam Brooks were a writer in the 1950s Hollywood he’d fit right in making screwball comedies. His latest play Twenty Eight Millimetres offers itself up, at first glance, as a modern gay romcom, and the perfect vehicle for Brooks to show off his knack for whip-smart one-liners and I-wish-I-talked-like-this-in-real-life dialogue. It first […]

REVIEW: Fala Muncher (Auckland Pride)

February 16, 2018

[Much to Munch On] The term ‘fala muncher’, as described in the show’s promotion, is a derogatory term which refers to the act of a female of Pacific descent partaking in the licking and eating of another woman’s fala. The term also suggests a play on the word ‘fulla’ or ‘fella’, which loosely opens a discussion on homosexuality versus the […]

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