Become a Theatre Philanthropist for Xmas!

The Basement say they are standing by with their felt tip pens!

Worthy causes on PledgeMe [by James Wenley]

The Basement say they are standing by with their felt tip pens!

You know how companies like ATC and Silo list their swanky patrons at the back of their programs? Private giving has long been a very important part of making theatre in New Zealand when audience box office and public funding doesn’t cut it alone. This year crowdfunding sites like New Zealand’s own have really exploded in a big way as a new platform for worthy creative projects to raise their money. It’s really easy – anyone can donate as little or as much as they want, often for some rewards as well, and you too can be a swanky arts patron and feel a real sense of being apart of making a project happen. If you love theatre, there are some great projects needing support right now on PledgeMe.


I love going to The Basement each week to see a show (and sometimes put some on there too!). They are raising money for an EXTREME MAKEOVER of their theatre foyer and bar and putting some “love back into our place!”. I’m most excited about the plan to soundproof the foyer so “so that all you lovely people in the foyer don’t suddenly become off stage characters in the play on stage.” The Basement is the groundfloor for Auckland’s Theatre industry were loads of people are able to make their start, so consider pledging. They have really creative rewards too!


Send this man to New York

Indian Ink are one of my favourite theatre companies in Auckland, and they produce beautiful theatre works like Krishnan’s Dairy. They are raising money to bring their latest show, Guru of Chai to an off-Broadway theatre in New York to catapult the show internationally. Chai played at Q earlier this year – you can read my review here – I called it a “a sweeping fairy tale with larger than life characters in a fantastic land, but containing painful and beautiful truths.” This is exactly the type of high quality theatre we need to present to the world, so consider pledging to Indian Ink and help make their dreams come true in New York City.


And if you feel like making even more Christmas’ come true… Auckland Fringe favourites Wet Hot Beauties, who create stunning water ballets at the Parnell Baths (in 2011 they did Sirens), are re fundraising for their 2013 extravaganza Swan Songs. For any romantics, one of their rewards is a very special Valentines proposal. It’s worth visiting their PledgeMe page just to read about that.

And finally, Anthea Hill and Andrew Norman, who have both been successful in getting into Auckland’s Actors Program next year, are running PledgeMe campaigns to help with their course costs.

Remember, PledgeMe works on an all or nothing system so they need to meet their targets – every pledge helps get them closer. So go for it theatre fans!

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