PREVIEW: NZ International Comedy Festival: Week Three

by Matt Baker

Brynley Stent in Filthy Little Goblin

Matt Baker gives his picks for the final week

It’s the third and final week of the 2019 NZ International Comedy Festival and there is still an abundance of shows to see.

Week two saw Jamaine Ross, James Roque, and Eli Matthewson putting their best feet forward with award-worthy shows, while Hamish Parkinson introduced use to his mum Lynette in Me ‘n’ Ma in a hilarious and heart-warming comedy debut.

Pax Assadi has added an extra performance of his sold out season of Raised by Refugees and also hosts this year’s Dialogue, while 2017 Fred finalist Guy Montgomery also has an extra performance at Q Theatre.

2018 Billy T winner Melanie Bracewell and 2019 nominee Donna Brookbanks are both selling fast, and there’s always time for a late show with 2016 winner David Correros.

Basement Theatre will be hosting Brynley Stent and James Nokise, as well as Billy T nominees Ray Shipley, Tom Sainsbury, and Kura Forrester.

Last year’s Best International Guest winner Rhys Nicholson and Gala host is nearly sold out, and don’t forget about Last Laughs, hosted by Rhys Mathewson.

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