REVIEW: Alex Williamson: So Wrong, It’s Wrong (NZ International Comedy Festival)

Review by Sharu Delilkan and Tim Booth

[The King ‘Cnut’ of Comedy]

Alex Williamson is crude, vulgar, perverted, sick and disgusting – perfect fodder for hilarious comedy.

No holds are barred, literally. In fact, the less socially acceptable a subject is, the more likely for him to talk about it on stage.

In a strange way his relaxed, laconic delivery almost sanitses this foul-mouthed show – making everything he says ‘all right’ instead of the ‘so wrong’ premise of his show.

This is observational comedy without society’s filter – pedophilia and kiddy fiddling feature heavily, along with shagging, old people, fat people and almost anything else traditionally deemed un-PC. The well-oiled audience loved it though. And his occasional musical ditty on the guitar exhibits witty lyricism and gives the show its je ne sais quoi.

So have a few bevys, remove all sense of decency, and head to Q Theatre for a memorable dose comedy Williamson-style!

Alex Williamson plays Q Rangatira until 28 April. 

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