REVIEW: Second Place Winner: David Correos (NZ International Comedy Festival)

Review by Matt Baker

David Correos

[No Paggliachi]

Who makes the clown laugh? The philosophical question reworked from its Greek origin is commonly used to indicate the inherent sadness that exists within even the greatest comedian (see: every Robin Williams tribute article). If there is any truth to it, David Correos is the exception. Correos seems surprised at his Billy T Award nomination, however, it makes sense for such a natural and entertaining performer to be shown recognition as such.

Watching Correos is like watching a P.T. Barnum show, a one-man circus who will do practically anything to entertain an audience for the genuine love of it. There’s no sense of shame or embarrassment, or even want for approval, but a sincere (masochistic?) enjoyment from it all. This hyper reactionary way of working, however, does have an effect on the execution of the show. At one point, Correos borrows a condom from an audience member, because he forgot his.

While Correos’ physical antics have the audience swinging wildly between attentive silence and laugh out loud hilarity, his more conventional stand up material is lacking a unique perspective. The stories are personal, but the majority fail to reveal any originality in Correos’ points of view, to the degree where some punch-lines are seen coming, or have even been heard before.

I don’t believe there’s anything Correos wouldn’t do for the sake of entertainment, and even the most seemingly unlikely to enjoy it audience members are ready and willing to encourage him on opening night. The Billy T Award nominees are attracting strong crowds this year, and if you don’t get a chance to see his solo performance, I’d recommend booking for Last Laughs if only to see Correos (hopefully) perform his signature close to show.

Second Place Winner is performed by David Correos and plays at the Q Vault until May 14 as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2016. For details see the Comedy Festival.


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