This Week in the Theatre Scene: Honey, the theatre’s back on… (11-17 Feb)

Pick One: Kings of the Gym

This Week’s Picks: Kings of the Gym, Swang Song and Vicacious Vaudeville [by James Wenley]

The theatre year has begun, and not a moment too soon! For those who like to plan, each week Theatre Scenes will present our top picks for what to see in the Auckland theatre scene.


Pick One: Kings of the Gym

The Show? Kings of the Gym
Who wrote it? Dave Armstrong, a prolific playwright and satirist who also wrote Seven Periods of Mr Gormsby on the TV.
Who’s putting it on? Auckland Theatre Company, who’ve made something of a tradition of starting their first show of the year with a Dave Armstrong comedy (think The Motor Camp and Le Sud). Peter Elliott directs.
What’s it about? “It’s the new school term and Hautapu High is set to rocket up Metro’s Best Schools ranking. The only thing standing in the way is a rearguard action led by the old-school, politically incorrect but hugely popular head of the PE department, Laurie O’Connor.”
Who’s in it? John Leigh (who’s possibly been in every television series ever made in New Zealand, and last seen onstage here in Horseplay), Brett O’Gorman (the less famous but just as talented O’Gorman brother), Cian Elyse White (Awatea) and Bronwyn Bradley (Top Girls).
Fun Fact? Dave Armstrong actually liked P.E as a student!
Pithy Theatre Scenes Review Quote:Armstrong intentionally plays to middle-class prejudices for his humour and subjects of ridicule… and in the second-half peels the back the layers to reveal less caricatured and more vulnerable, flawed, and understandable and likeable characters – a device which works to challenge the audience’s own levels of tolerance”.  (Theatre in Education)
Where? The Maidment Theatre. On every day this week, and plays until 2 March.
Tickets: Between $28-$62 depending on who you are and where you sit. Maidment Theatre.


Pick Two: Swan Song

The Show? Swan Song (Auckland Fringe!)
Who’s putting it on? The Wet Hot Beauties
What’s it about? “A fantastical Swan Lake/Baz Luhrmann-inspired water ballet mash up with their trademark cheeky modern twist.”
A Water Ballet? Yes, a water ballet.
Who’s in it? Lots of women, and a few men. In their swim suits.
Pithy Theatre Scenes Review Quote: (on last Fringe’s Sirens) “I definitely think as an art form this modern water ballet has legs, or rather, flippers, and I anxiously await the opportunity to dive into their next work”.
Where? Parnell Baths, Wed 13-Sun 17 Feb 9pm
I hope you’ve got your ticket because: The show is sold out!


Pick Three: Vivacious Vaudeville

The Show? Vivacious Vaudeville (Auckland Fringe!)
Who’s putting it on? Lilly Loca’s Vaudeville Cabaret
What’s it about? “A fast and frivolous 60 minute show that has been especially created for the Auckland Fringe!”
Vaudeville? “A type of entertainment popular chiefly in the US in the early 20th century, featuring a mixture of specialty acts such as burlesque, comedy, dance, acting, circus and live music”
Who’s in it? Acts with names such as Wllow Noir, Looney Rouge, Ken Samson, Lily Loca, Patty Haag, and The Spietatet.
Fun for the whole Family? Strictly R18
Where? Q Loft. 14-16th Feb. Hey look, they open on Valentines Night!
Tickets:  $35.00 adults, $30 concession & groups


Fringe in the Park
Not sure want you want to see during Fringe? Head over to Myers Park on Saturday 16 between 12-4pm for “activities for the kids, refreshments, coffee, lost islands and scores of Fringe acts sharing their spoils in showcases and live installations.” More at Auckland Fringe.

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