Which ALL BLACK would you like to see perform in a theatre show?

Jimmy Cowan as Guildenstern

The First Asian AB Ticket Giveaway winner announced [by James Wenley]

With theatre going a bit Rugby mad at the moment, I wondered what would happened if we put the boot on the other foot. To win tickets to The First Asian AB, performing this week at the Basement, I asked readers “Which ALL BLACK would you like to see perform in a theatre show?”

Runner ups were Becky, who nominated Piri Weepu: “Boom. How hilarious is that guy? Hilaaarious. “

And Jamie, who wanted to see Kevin Mealamu: “He has a heart-warming smile and is articulate enough for the job. I think he would make a good guru type figure.. “

But the winner of the Webb Ellis Trophy (and a double pass to see The First Asian AB on Wednesday night) is Anzel, who chose not only the actor but the show he should star in…

All Black: Jimmy Cowan

Theatre Show: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead


Jimmy Cowan as Guildenstern

Which is Jimmy and which is Tim Roth? I can’t tell. Congrats Anzel, you have me convinced. Pair him with the perfect Rosencrantz (Ma’a Nonu?) and they’ll have themselves a hit!

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