Help crowdfund The Keepers

September 4, 2012
I’ve just pledged towards ‘The Keepers’, one of my favourite shows at The Basement Theatre last year. Created by a quartet of talented ladies – Julia Croft, Veronica Brady, Claire Cowan and Theresa Hanaray aka Thread Theatre – it was an especially exciting show for me because it was so different to our normal theatre fare – experimenting with movement, music and non-verbal […]

REVIEW: Beautiful Losers (TAPAC)

September 2, 2012
The Coming and Going of Age [by Matt Baker] As soon as I entered the TAPAC theatre I was struck the realisation that I had seen Beautiful Losers nearly 10 years earlier when it premiered at the Silo Theatre with Ian Hughes and Scott Wills. Wills is reprising his role as Neal Cassady… And 10 years is a long time. […]

Welcome Matt Baker!

September 2, 2012
You might have noticed a new name appearing to the right of the reviews this week: Matt Baker. With the relentless pace of Auckland Theatre (January really is our only ‘quiet’ period these days), and the number of shows our small and busy team were having to turn down for coverage, Mr Baker has been invited to offer his critical […]
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