REVIEW: Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

April 30, 2014

Playtime [by Matt Baker] Jeff Achtem’s multi Edinburgh-award-nominated show Sticks, Stones, Broken Bones can be located in both the Comedy For Kids and Comedy Festival Special Events categories of the Comedy Festival website, and rightly so, as the Montreal master of shadow puppets has compiled a series of simple scenes through truly unique tactics. Using a variety of everyday objects, Achtem […]

REVIEW: Jeremy Elwood Live (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

April 30, 2014

Polemical Comedical [by Matt Baker] While Jeremy Elwood admits to being a typical stand up comic in regards to his age, race, and gender, the 38-year-old white male is actually a rarity, that is, a New Zealand comedian who has sustained a professionally public career in stand-up comedy for the better part of 15 years. Elwood’s social criticism and satire […]

REVIEWS: NZ International Comedy Festival 2014: Week One

April 29, 2014

Rose Matafeo / Eli Mathewson /Flashdunce / Rhys Mathewson / Nic Sampson / Luke Heggie Rose Matafeo: Pizza Party [by Matt Baker] Less of a narrative and more of a theme-based show, Matafeo’s ironically titled Pizza Party addresses the fact that she is probably the least likely person to host, or even attend, a party. Matafeo’s self-deprecating humour towards the uncool reality of […]

REVIEW: Vice (The Basement)

April 16, 2014

Perverse [by James Wenley] For the past few weeks, Jordan Mooney has been posting a series of clips promoting a range of different vices. The crazy-eyed front man has whipped himself, walked naked in the wilderness, shoved his face in a toilet bowl, and lit his hair on fire. Turns out these are child plays compared to some of the predilections […]

REVIEW: Carousel and Clothesline (Vague de Cirque)

April 9, 2014

‘Circustastic’! [by Sharu Delilkan] Carousel & Clothesline is a great lesson in life not to take ourselves too seriously. Yes the strong ensemble demonstrates their precise acrobatics reminiscent of Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize but it’s their emphasis on exploring the sense of play that sets this show apart from other live performances in this genre. And it is […]

REVIEW: There’s A Bluebird In My Heart But I Tell It To Shut Up (A Playwright Production)

April 9, 2014

It should’ve listened [by Matt Baker] Thirteen writers were given the poem ‘Bluebird’ by Charles Bukowski, and asked to write a scene based on what it meant to them. It’s a straight-forward premise, and one that primes an audience for an insightful night of theatre. However, while such inspiration affords writers the opportunity to produce successful works, such as Gary Henderson’s […]

REVIEW: Real Fake White Dirt (Mouth to Mouth)

April 4, 2014

Realism at it’s whitest [by Matt Baker] What better time for such a show to be performed in the wake of proposed flag reform referenda. Advertised as spoken word meets theatre, writer and performer Jess Holly Bates has successfully amalgamated the components of poetic monologue and theatrical presentation in the inaugural homegrown production of her one-woman show. Monologue, however, may be […]

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