REVIEW: Brynley Stent & Rhiannon McCall: “Why Does This Feel So Good?” (NZ International Comedy Festival)

Review by Nathan Joe

[Bad Education]

Playing exaggerated versions of themselves, Brynley Stent and Rhiannon McCall use high school sexual education as the subject of their comedy show. Treating us as a high school students, the evening is structured simply but effectively (Puberty, Sex, Birth, Sexuality and Gender Equality), though often derailing itself with comedic asides and character drama to great effect.

While the show is unafraid to cross the line, it definitely relies heavily on the pleasure of shock value. Nonetheless, the best gags are the most left-field, regarding inspecting vaginas, puppetry, dance moves or a fondness of animals.

If it occasionally feels like a slight work, missing opportunities to really dig deep into the failures of remedial sexual education, its bolstered by charismatic performances, charming slapstick humour and a whole lot of heart.

Too irreverent to work as an actual sex-ed show, “Why Does This Feel So Good?” operates best as a crude parody of the dry and impersonal counterpart we all recognise from growing up. Even if you’re unlikely to gleam any new insights on the subject, this is a highly entertaining evening at the comedy fest. A genuine crowd pleaser.

Brynley Stent & Rhiannon McCall play The Basement until 17th May. 

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