REVIEW: Joseph Moore: Young Comedy Billionaire (NZ International Comedy Festival 2014)

Joseph Moore

Flaunting it [by Matt Baker]

Joseph Moore
Joseph Moore

Comedian Joseph Moore is not a billionaire, but that hasn’t prevented him from living as close as he can to a ‘New Zealand famous’ lifestyle. From his school days to his Twitter feed, Moore explores not only his want of fame, but also his attempts for people to like him in the process. The second part is not a hard sell. Moore’s affable personality, nervous energy, and somewhat disloyal inner monologue are all components which all work in his favour.

Moore’s technical support provides excellent visual aids as he considers the conundrum of fictional wealth and his status as a film actor. Having admittedly completed some of these technical components 10 minutes prior to doors opening, there are some inevitable hitches on opening night. Moore, however, takes them in stride, cheekily suggests we come back another night to see the whole show, and ploughs onward.

The concepts of wealth and admiration are ironically incongruous, as Moore’s anecdotes present us with a person who, in the aim of searching for approval, lives the balls out lifestyle of a billionaire who plays by his own rules. While Moore himself may not be financially rich, the humour in his show is affluent, and certainly deserves a merited certificate in achievement.

Moore can also be seen in Snort with Friends and Kiwi Heroes Live.

Joseph Moore: Young Comedy Billionaire plays at The Basement until May 10. Details see Comedy Festival.


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